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Hi, I'm looking for my princess.

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Port Bolivar, United States

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Relationship: Divorced

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Age: 46


Seeking: female


Intentions: Casual Dating


Personality: Realistic

I am a computer programmer/engineer/administrator.  I am a strong man.  I am an INTJ personality type.  I have a wirey tough celtic physique, stretched over a large proportional norse frame.  I have a really cute ass.  No tattoos, and I don't wear jewelry.  I am introspective and insightful.  I'm assertive and accepting.  I'm outgoing and humanistic.  I'm really quite serious about my path toward conscientiousness and compassion, through Buddhism.  I enjoy every different kind of activity, there is.  I can be happy, sitting in the sunshine at the lake, dancing all night at the club, or going to a play.  I am very focused on my family, especially my children.  I have a nice group of close friends, who know and trust me, and I work hard to maintain my status as a "good-guy".  That being said, I like to be a little wild and have fun, too.  I laugh and joke, often.  I enjoy being in the company of youngsters, because they really know how to let it all go and have wholesome fun.  I like barbequing, camping, and mountainbiking most, these days.  I've played almost every sport, known to man, and I'm good (or great) at most of them.  I'm a typical Taurus, but I don't put any credence in Astrology.  I'm a scientist and a Buddhist.  I'm a naturalist and an independant moderate (whole brain) free-thinker.  I fit into all social situations, seamlessly.  I can be guilty of expressing my strong opinions on the morals and ethics of a topic.  I do have an interest in a lot of things, and I'm always chatty with fellow intellectuals.  I love challenges and work well under pressure.  I can be put off by unnecessary drama and those who need attention.  I'm pragmatic, socially progressive and financially conservative, and generally nice.  I have a great big heart, enough for the whole world, but I don't wear it on my sleeve, anymore.  I dream big and act small.  I have plenty of spare time for food, dancing, and conversations. I like not having a pet, right nos.
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